Glo Wall by Wow Interactives


Fun Size Glo Wall

Introducing the "Glo Wall" by Wow Interactives – a revolutionary giant Lite Brite wall interactive that transforms spaces into vibrant hubs of creativity and learning. This innovative product is designed to captivate audiences of all ages, making it an ideal addition to businesses, waiting rooms, educational settings, indoor playgrounds, and events.



Product Details

The Glo Wall takes the iconic Lite Brite concept to a whole new level, featuring an expansive interactive canvas that allows users to craft mesmerizing light art on a giant scale. Whether it's creating stunning patterns, intricate designs, or even educational displays, the possibilities are as vast as the imagination. Promote learning through play with our Glo Wall! This interactive masterpiece serves as an engaging tool for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities, fostering a love for these subjects in young minds. Watch as children explore color theory, spatial reasoning, and creativity in a hands-on, visually captivating way. Transform any environment into a dynamic, visually stunning space. The Glo Wall seamlessly integrates into various settings, enhancing the ambiance of businesses, sparking curiosity in waiting rooms, facilitating interactive learning in educational environments, providing a dynamic play experience in indoor playgrounds, and adding an extra layer of excitement to events.

  • The Glo Wall by Wow Interactives comes in 2 sizes:

    • Fun Size: 60” x 48” x 12”

    • Full Size: 60” x 96”’ x 12”

  • Includes 480 Light Rods:

    • 80 Red

    • 80 Blue

    • 80 Green

    • 80 Orange

    • 80 Yellow

    • 80 Purple

  • Mounting hardware and instructions are included.