Themed Playground Design & Installation

What Is a Themed Playground

A themed playground is a unique and exciting way to encourage strong sensory abilities, evoke imagination, and inspire curiosity in children. It incorporates creative elements such as vibrant colors, fun shapes, and interesting themes into the design of the playground equipment. Not only does this type of playground create an atmosphere that stimulates exploration, but it also provides an inclusive environment for children with different abilities.

Themed Playground Design Services

Why a Wow Themed Playground

Our team of experts can help create an inclusive and engaging space that follows the principles of intentional design. From designing custom equipment to creating a unique theme, we have the resources and experience to make any playground come alive. Our playground designs are also developed with inclusion in mind, ensuring these areas are accessible to people with physical or intellectual differences so all can enjoy them. Whether you’re looking for something classic or uniquely themed indoor playground, let us show you how our design service can transform your space into something special! Contact us today and see how we can help make your vision a reality. Let’s get started!

Themed Playground Design Services

What We Offer

Themed playgrounds have been the foundation that we've built our business on since 2004. We offer a variety of themed play elements.

  • Custom Printed Mesh Enclosures
  • Themed Play Elements
  • Themed Props and Sculptures