Themed Experience Design

What is a Themed Experience?

It's a form of interior design that creates a powerful interaction with your brand using color, shapes, sights, sounds and smells to convey a narrative. Research suggests that themed environments create deeper connections with your customer, increasing your chance of brand loyalty. The Themed Experience Design Service can be as detailed as a full space redesign or as simple as adding elements such as themed props that match your space decor and brand.

Who can implement themed experiences?

Anyone. Themed experiences can range from using wall coverings with 2D wall graphics and branded displays for boutique retail stores to storybook themed preschools with character sculptures. Themes can be toned down and brand specific or fully immersive and inspired by fantasy for pediatric dental offices.

Themed Experience Interior Design

What to Expect

During your Themed Experience Design Service, our incredibly talented designers, artists, & engineers collaborate one on one with you to create a compelling visual story tailored to your needs, budget, and brand.