Do you want a steady stream of new clients? Would you like to have patients who are not only satisfied with their experience, but excited to come back? Do you want to get five star reviews like these?

"I cannot say enough good things about this office! The waiting room is adorable, very clean and absolutely made for kids."

"Their office was truly designed with children in mind. I am so thankful we found them!"

"Oh my gosh - their office is AMAZING!"

If you answered yes, let’s talk.

The snippets above are from real reviews left by patients at offices we have themed. Having an office designed for kids allows you to stand out from the competition, excite your patients, and grow your business.

Less Anxiety 

Forget a boring waiting area and scary exam rooms! Engage your patients with a fun play space and themed exam rooms. As a pediatric dentist, you have a unique opportunity to help shape a child’s future. Research shows dental experiences as a child will affect how they feel about the dentist as an adult. But, sometimes dental appointments are scary for children, and it’s difficult to educate a young patient if they are anxious during the appointment. By having an office designed for kids, you’ll be able to ease their anxiety, educate the patient for good dental habits, and provide an overall pleasant experience. 

Patient Retention

Loyal patients help your practice thrive, and a happy patient is a loyal patient. If you have an outstanding kid-friendly environment, kids will not want to go elsewhere once they’ve been to your office. If the kids enjoy their experience, parents will choose your practice every time.


How are you bringing new clients in? Postcards? Magazine ads? Billboards? What if you could rely on your patients to do the marketing for you? When you design your office with kids in mind, you can! 

Word-of-mouth and great reviews are powerful marketing tools. When the kids are happy, parents are happy and they will be excited to share their great experience on Facebook, Google reviews, and recommendations to friends. New clients will come flooding in, excited to be a part of such a fun, engaging office. 

Children's Dentistry of Murfreesboro entrance

If you’re ready to stand out from the competition, excite your clients, and supercharge your growth, let’s get started.

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