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Concept Services

We love to visit with you about your space, dreams, ideas and visions. The truth is, we are all kids at heart so when we are invited into your space, we can't help ourselves! The creative juices start flowing and an original design comes to life.


Theming is for anyone wanting that certain look that nobody else has or for bringing that drab, ordinary space to life with a realistic creature creation or a fantastical whimsy right out of the pages of a comic book.

Indoor/Outdoor Play

Our design team creates original, one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor playground structures that fit your vision, space and budget perfectly. We are one of the select few indoor playground manufacturers based in the USA and only use American-made materials and equipment.

3D Characters/Art

Through the magic of sculpting, carving and forming, our talented team of sculptors will take a designed rendering and transform large blocks of polystyrene into beautifully thrilling life-like creations that look like they jumped out of the pages of our concept artists.


Wall-coverings created by Wow! provides maximum design impact with durable, certified commercial grade material specifically developed for digital designs. Wow! your kids with a one of a kind wall-covering or wall mural design!


Through the technique of air brush, our artists create a highly rendered image with a high level of realism or super fun and playfully illustrative design. Each and every airbrush design is created to tell a unique story.


Wow creates customized, unique signs, specific to your theme and design. Need outdoor signs? We do those too, even 3D, sculpted and backlit for a totally cool visual effect. Don’t settle for mundane and boring.

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