Our Process

Design Consultation

This gets the creativity started. Once you sign your creative agreement, we do an onsite and/or virtual consultation to generate a creative brief.

We become familiar with your space, vision, style, budget and more. Typically it's a one day visit that includes meetings and lots of fun.

Concept Phase

Dreams & ideas come to life on paper. We start with sketches and seek your input. Sometimes we hit a home run the first time, sometimes it takes a few tries to get it just right.

We then wrap up with a production agreement. This is a written document of what's in the concept sketches and renderings, and the work that will be completed in your space.

Design Phase

Our design team takes the production agreement, rough sketches and concept elements and converts them into elevation drawings. This is where the rough sketches snap into focus and becomes a polished work of art!

Production Art Phase

Visions come to life in this phase as we physically produce the final artwork to be placed on your walls, creating your ridiculously cool original theme.

Fabrication Phase

We handcraft each of the unique pieces for your project at this point. Our install team produces the 2D appliques, 3D elements and play attractions for the final installation.

Installation Phase

Our teams are coordinated, the unique elements are shipped to your site and installation begins! The size of the project always dictates our time on your site, typically 5 - 14 days.

During this phase you will see the transformation taking place. The final step is the sign off form indicating the project is complete. Our goal is to make you very, very happy!

Enjoyment Phase

This is where you and your team enjoy the amazing environment that you and Worlds of Wow created together.

Through the successful completion of each project, our hope and mission is to equip the local church to impact their community by providing environments that foster life change.

So what are you waiting for?
Let's get started today!

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