Our Process

Design Consultation

This gets the creativity started. Once you sign your creative agreement, we do an onsite and/or virtual consultation to generate a creative brief. We become familiar with your space, vision, style, budget and more. Typically it's a one day visit that includes meetings and lots of fun.

Your Wow team to know: Salesperson, Concept Artist

Concept Phase

After working with you to understand your DNA, your vision, your space, and your budget, we develop concepts showing your transformed space. The initial goal is to establish the look of your space. Once we've done that we work together to build out the rest of your environment.

Your Wow team to know: Salesperson, Concept Artist

Design Phase

We use the approved concept package and the signed Production Agreement to develop a detailed Design Packet as a blueprint for our Production and Installation teams. Measurements are taken, the verbiage is confirmed, and all of the details are finalized.

Your Wow team to know: Design Project Manager, Project Manager

Production Phase

Our talented artists use the Design Packet to begin the work of bringing your vision to life. Foam is carved, and murals are created. Every element is checked for quality and carefully packed before being shipped to your site.

You Wow team to know: Project Manager

Installation Phase

Our experienced installation team arrives on site ready to transform your space. All of the dreaming and all of the work becomes a reality! Walls are painted, wallpaper is applied, and 3D is put up to create a purposeful environment unique to you.

Your Wow team to know: Project Manager, Installation Lead

Enjoyment Phase

This is where you and your team enjoy the amazing environment that you and Worlds of Wow created together.

Through the successful completion of each project, our hope and mission is to equip you to impact your community by providing purposeful environments.

So what are you waiting for?

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