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Imagine if your store was more than just a retail space. What if it also were a destination point? What we mean is turning your store into a creative and interactive space where customers do more than just buy items and services. Not only can this help boost foot traffic to your store, but also it can increase the time customers spend in it.

A thoughtfully and purposefully designed space can help you achieve this, and at Worlds of Wow, we can make it happen. We are a retail interior design firm that transforms retail environments into a three-dimensional embodiment of a brand. We create spaces that unify your culture and deliver your brand experience to your customers. We do this by designing, fabricating, and professionally installing these playful worlds. Our retail interior designers take your customer base into account when creating the right design for your stor


Our engaging retail space interior designs let you connect with shoppers’ emotions. This can help leave lasting and memorable impressions as well as make them comfortable in your shop. When customers experience this, they are more likely to establish loyalty to your brand. Additionally, it can drive more shoppers to your store


Our team of artists, problem solvers, and fabricators craft a variety of aesthetic displays, wall designs, and other kinds of stylistic enhancements. These interactive pieces help communicate your identity and allow shoppers to experience your brand instead of merely just shopping it.

Additionally, safety is our top priority, especially during fabrication and installation. In fact, each piece is checked for quality before it’s shipped and assembled at your store. You can also be confident that our designs meet or exceed local compliance codes, ASTM, the NFPA Fire Code, and the ADA accessibility requirements.

Partnering With Wow

At Worlds of Wow, we believe that play, learning, resilience, and trust is a fundamental part of building a community. For over 17 years, Worlds of Wow has been the leader of thoughtful and creative small shop interior design. We add a high level of sophistication that makes it upscale, but still fun and engaging for families. When you partner with Worlds of Wow, you partner with a team of artist and creators who are passionate about your vision.