What Does Wow Do?

We’re crazy-passionate about creating destinations to reach kids and families by designing ridiculously cool, fun environments. We start by understanding the unique DNA of your church or business, think through priorities and options and end up with custom concepts and real-world budget numbers. In addition to amazing themes, Worlds of Wow also designs and fabricates indoor playground equipment for churches and businesses. We design, fabricate and install both themed environments and play attractions together. This provides an easy, one-stop solution and budget savings!

We have some of the most talented artists and play designers around. When combined, our themed play attractions become a kids’ favorite-thing-of-all-time. Having one team design, fabricate and install your theme and play attractions is a huge benefit because there’s a big cost savings of working with one company throughout your project, not to mention that cohesively-themed play environments are ridiculously cool for kids.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Play Space?

Short answer: In as little as four months from start to finish for most projects. Long answer: We work on projects anywhere from 4–18 months prior to opening date. Installation is usually booked 3-6 months in advance, and most installations take 12-14 days depending on the size and scope of the project.

Bonus: We can even have our crews work evenings to ensure you stay open during business hours.

How Much Does a Playground Cost?

We value helping customers be good stewards of their resources. We always strive to put the maximum Wow factor into every play theme project!

There are three factors in budget ranges:

1. More is more. The more theming and/or play, the more it will cost.

2. Artwork density. Rolling hills and blue skies are one thing; heavily themed, detailed artwork takes more time and costs more.

3. How far does it come off the wall? Generally speaking, the more 3D layers or effects, the more it ‘comes off the wall’ and the more it costs.

We work together with you right from the start so that what we design will fit your estimated budget with no surprises. While there are lots of budget range options, Worlds of Wow is highly competitive and, most importantly, the best value for custom theming.

Can You Travel to *insert your city here*?

We’re a Texas-based company (Dallas/Fort Worth) but we have teams all over the country that travel anywhere. We also incorporate the latest technology to communicate and collaborate together throughout the project.

We’ve done installations from Washington state to Florida and from California to New York and everywhere in between. We've even gone beyond the 48-contiguous states to do installations in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada!

What Play/Theming Services Do You Offer?

We are a full turnkey resource able to handle all aspects of your project from beginning to end. We provide:


  • Master Planning
  • Phasing Plan
  • Site & Schematic Design
  • Budget Allocation
  • Storyline Development
  • Concept Design
  • Signage
  • Original Art Design
  • Logo Development


  • Quality Assurance
  • 3D Fabrication
  • 2D Relief Fabrication
  • Color Selections
  • Site Inspections
  • Modular Play Attractions
  • Soft Foam Play


  • Airbrushed Murals
  • Lighting
  • Play Attractions

Worlds of Wow is ‘green’ and enviro-friendly? Really?

It’s not just our predisposition for the color green; we’re going green with our environmentally-friendly changes and improvements. Here’s a fun take on describing the steps Worlds of Wow is making to go green.

Paperless Office.

It seems the internet may be the greatest tree-saving invention. With all of the electronic communication, project management and file sharing, we’ve gone almost 100% paperless. As a result, our office paper shredder is getting lonely.


We’re using recycled products in our manufacturing shops and changing to materials that are eco-friendly. The polystyrene we use for 3D sculpts doesn’t include Ozone CFC’s and HCFC’s. The medium density fiber board we use is phase 2 carb compliant and 100% recovered and recycled materials.


Even our paint is becoming eco-friendly, as we’ve switched all of our primers, airbrush paints and top coat paints to a water-borne acrylic paint and clear coat. We are proud to have implemented these initial steps to provide the same high-quality, huge WOW-factor environments with a bit more “earth friendly” spin!

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