Inclusive Worlds

A playful spirit engages the hearts and minds of everyone and makes them feel welcome and included in your space. Thanks to our relationship with PlayCore, a company committed to building stronger communities by advancing play and recreation for all, we always incorporate inclusive design into each Worlds of Wow interior design.

Inclusive design

Kids and adults with physical or intellectual differences need space to interact and enjoy the camaraderie of play at their own pace. Inclusive design creates spaces that make kids of all abilities feel included, smart, independent, safe, active, and comfortable. During childhood kids develop their physical abilities, social and emotional skills, sensory abilities, cognitive abilities, and communication skills. Our research into providing playful worlds for all, regardless of ability, gives us the knowledge and insight to create spaces that remove barriers to play.

To illustrate the need for inclusive design in your kids’ ministry or business, consider this statistic: Out of 1,000 children between the ages of 3 and 21, approximately 85 will have physical disabilities, sensory differences, chronic health conditions, social or emotional needs, communication disabilities, or cognitive differences. A portion of the adults accompanying those 1,000 children will have orthopedic, intellectual, hearing or vision disabilities.

Our inclusive designs provide richer experiences for everyone, making your church or business the unique space in which they can learn life lessons of patience, understanding and acceptance. Inclusive design gives parents the comfort of knowing their kids are in a space that addresses their needs. Parents can attend a worship service, a community meeting, or a medical appointment knowing their kids are getting a message and having a great experience. Your WOW interior design will take all these childhood development factors into consideration, along with your purpose and culture, to create a space unlike any other, where every visitor will feel more recognized and welcome than anywhere else.

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Creating Playful Worlds: Episode 3 - Play for Kids of All Abilities

Designing play areas around inclusion transforms communities by giving kids and families of all abilities a safe place for social play.

In this episode we will discuss all things inclusion with expert Jennie Sumrell. Passionate about helping communities grow together, Jennie teaches on topics surrounding needs of all children - including those with disabilities.

Creating More Playful Worlds For All