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Creating Playful Worlds

Play-Based Physical Spaces

When building educational institutions adding physical components that encourage play can make a tremendous difference in how a child learns.

Transition Spaces in Children’s Environments

In children’s environments, every area is an opportunity to create an emotional relationship to a building. Playful transition spaces with attention-getting elements can spark a child’s imagination while reducing the stress and frustration caused by changing activities.

Calm the Woes of Pediatric Dental Patients with an Intentionally Designed Office

An inviting space with plenty of fun distractions and calming elements can turn a visit to the pediatric dentist into a joyful experience.

Worlds of Wow Announces New Branding Designed to Reflect the Company’s Mission to Create More Playful Worlds for All

Worlds of Wow is an established design firm and leader in building well-designed interior environments that are sophisticated and fun.

Why Color Matters in Children's Environments

Color is a fundamental building block of interior design and should be considered carefully.

Designing for the Wellness of the Whole Child

A well-built children’s area requires more than just paint and a playful theme

Branded Environments

A branded environment is a process of transforming an office environment into a three-dimensional embodiment of a brand.

What is Your Play Personality?

Play keeps your brain healthy, creates joy, and leads to a more fulfilling life.

How Revitalizing your Children’s Ministry Can Grow your Church

As churches around the country begin to reopen their doors to the public and host in-person services, church leaders everywhere are looking for ways to grow their congregation. If this applies to you, look no further.

Check-In Areas

Having a well-designed check-in area can ease first-time visitors' anxieties and leave long-lasting impressions on your guests.

Indoor Playgrounds

Worlds of Wow is an industry leader in the world of indoor commercial playgrounds.

Interactive Walls

A thoughtfully planned interactive wall engages children, inspires curiosity, and encourages learning.