Redemption Church Case Study


  • Redemption Church — San Jose, California

The Customer:

  • Redemption Church, formerly Redemption World Outreach Center (RWOC), is a mega-church founded in 1991 by Pastors Hope and Ron Carpenter and located in San Jose, CA with satellite campuses and i.Church members located throughout the world. As a multicultural church, they are a magnificent tapestry of people uniting together. At Redemption Church, their greatest desire is for people to feel as if they’ve found a place to call home.

The Challenge:

  • After speaking at a conference in San Jose three years ago, Redemption Pastor Ron Carpenter felt compelled to build a ministry in the area. This led him Pastor Dick Bernal, who guided the ministry at Jubilee Christian Center for 37 years. Pastor Dick felt it was time to pass the torch on to Pastor Ron, so Ron and his wife Pastor Carla relocated from their South Carolina home to the Bay Area and Redemption Church in San Jose was born. Considering the space at Jubilee Christian Center was decades old, many of the themes and interior designs were outdated, particularly the children’s ministry area. As the church leaders began to transition from Jubilee to Redemption, a major priority in the rebranding process was reimagining their children’s ministry.

The WoW Solution:

  • Redemption Church had their first design consultation with Worlds of Wow in April 2019, and they were excited about the rebranding ideas WoW brought to the table. We made it through the concept, design, and production phases of the process until COVID-19 forced a temporary interruption of the installation. Despite the obstacles presented by the pandemic, church leaders remained committed to revitalizing their children’s ministry area and creating a space that was on brand with their vision. After a brief two-month hiatus, play installers returned to work in June 2020 and the project was finalized by mid-July. The completion of the project was bittersweet for Redemption Church considering they have not held in-person services since March 2020 due to the pandemic. Although the children in their congregation have been unable to utilize the new space, Children’s Ministry Director Morgan Atkins came up with an innovative way to bring the new renovations to the families. In Summer 2020, Redemption launched a weekly show that the kids in the congregation can stream and interact with called “iKids,” and they’ve been able to use the new children’s ministry area as their studio to film the iKids episodes. Even though it’s not how the church leaders had originally planned on using their newly renovated children’s ministry, they’re grateful to have found another purpose for the space and to have finished the project prior to in-person services resuming.


  • Bold, colorful, modern

Pieces Installed and Areas Updated:

  • Play unit for younger children
  • Obstacle course for older children
  • Large group rooms
  • Updated lobby
  • Updated check-in area
  • Updated hallways

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