In this part of our Worlds of How series we talk about the installation phase. After every element is created by our team of artists, it all gets carefully packaged up, loaded on the truck, and shipped out to site. When the shipment arrives, it is literally like Christmas morning for our clients. After all of the dreams of what could be, and working with our designers on the plans, they are now seeing it become a reality. It is very exciting!


Our expert team of installers show up on site with the truck ready to unload. They stage the area and go about the business of actually transforming the space. They dedicate themselves to making the space ready for families to enjoy at your grand opening. It still can take 1-3 weeks to complete, depending on the scope.

 Amarillo Central Church of Christ installation in progress

On our install teams there are experts to make sure that the continuity that's happened through the concept, design, and production phases is followed exactly to plan in the final stage of the process.

Amarillo Central Church of Christ installation complete

At Worlds of Wow, we are really proud of our process because we love to dream with our clients. We love to talk about what could be in the consultation phase, make it come to life in design, then watch the excitement build as the space is brought to life in production. How can we help you you?

Contact us to find out how we can help you transform your children’s ministry.

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