This part of our Worlds of How series explains the production phase. We’ve talked about the Design Consultation and Concept Phases where we explore the look and the feel and understand the scope of the work. We covered the Design Phase where we get into the details and plan how we're actually going to transform the space.

Production is where we turn over the project to our designers. They take all of the information gathered thus far and do what they do best: bringing all these elements that we've been looking at on a flat computer screen to life in our production shop.

Amarillo Central Church of Christ production file of wall designs

Our production shop is a well-structured assembly line of creativity. Our team of artisans have extensive experience and exceptional attention to detail to ensure that the end product is a perfect 3D replica of the design the customer approved.

Amarillo Central Church of Christ production file of rules

The team also keeps in mind the children that will be interacting with the 3D elements. We use rich bright paint to catch their eye and draw them in. On every sculpture, we put a durable layer of hard coating so they can withstand years of hundreds of children playing with them.

Amarillo Central Church of Christ production file of window design

The ultimate destination of our production shop is the shipping department, where everything gets carefully wrapped and ready to be transported to Amarillo Central Church of Christ.

We will cover the installation phase in our next post.

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