Welcome back to our Worlds of How series where we're talking about our partnership with Amarillo Central Church of Christ and how we worked with them to transform their play area.

The design phase is all about the details. There are literally hundreds of details that we have to gather to understand how we're going to transform the space. The ultimate goal is to deliver a packet to our production and installation teams that has all the information they're going to need to create elements and spaces that are fun and engaging, as well as safe and durable, and fit exactly right into the client’s unique space requirements.

Amarillo Central Church of Christ original design concept

After developing good ideas in the concept phase, we refine those ideas so we can transform the space to tell the story. Sometimes restrictions in the building layout, local code, or a variety of other factors, require adjustments to be made to the design.

With Amarillo Central Church of Christ, they previously had a play unit installed by a different company. If we would have put anything on the play unit, that would void the warranty for them. Our design team was able to honor the concept and keep the existing equipment in place by designing impactful elements that worked in harmony with the structure, while adding theming to the walls to create a truly immersive adventure.

Amarillo Central Church of Christ updated design concept

We also decided to pull some of that theme off of the play unit and move it to the entry area. When a family walks in, they immediately see the design around the door and they know they are about to enter a fun space designed for their kids.

Our next post will cover the production phase, where these designs come to life.

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