We are back with the Worlds of How series. In this post, we explain the design consultation and concept phases. During these phases, we took Amarillo Central Church of Christ’s thoughts, ideas, and dreams about their children’s space and began to develop what the end result can look like.


Before we start developing the concepts, it is important for us to first really understand our client. We do this through a design consultation. When we work with a church, we want to know about that church’s history, culture, people, the vision that God has given them, and the community around them. We can do that by going out on site, walking the space with the clients, and immersing ourselves in their local community, or we can do it virtually.

Amarillo Central Church of Christ exterior

With Amarillo Central Church of Christ, we did the design consultation virtually. They sent us some pictures of the space and their plan. Our creative director, Kevin Cravens, put those into one document, got on a video call with the church and shared his screen, so they could see everything together as they talked. During the discussion, Kevin sketched out ideas, pulled in reference pictures, moved things around, and in real time showed the church what we can do with this space.

Concept in Progress for Amarillo Central Church of Christ

The whole goal of the concept phase is to dial into the story and understand the look and feel the client wants this space to have. For Amarillo Central Church of Christ, we listened to the vision, and recommended telling an adventure story. Instead of kids simply climbing through a play unit, they would be climbing through a canyon, which emulates the Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo. This is a space that activates kids’ imaginations, gets them moving, and guarantees that that they want to return.

In our next post, we will discuss the design phase, where these initial concepts get solidified into a detailed plan.

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