The play area in your recreation center can truly make your location stand out. A vibrant, visually and functionally fun space will create a destination where kids and families want to be.



When designing a kids’ play area we create a story with each design. This custom story that we bring to life is called theming. Themes should be original, based on your unique space and needs.  



  • Repeat Attendance: A cool, eye-catching space will make the play area a destination for kids and they’ll want to keep coming back. When their kids are eager to go, it’s easier for parents to utilize the rec center (for themselves or for siblings’ classes).
  • New Members: You'll widen your pool of potential members because you'll be helping parents who otherwise wouldn't be able to step away to workout.

YMCA Norwich Climbing Wall

YMCA Norwich

  • Stand Out: A theme can make your rec center stand out from competition, which means consistent visits and more revenue. 
  • Promote Fitness: When you create a space that’s fun, you are promoting health and wellness for not only parents, but kids, too! 

Girl on an indoor slide


To do this, we take you and your staff through a design consultation to fully understand your rec center’s culture, vision, and goals. Next, we create a custom design, working with you every step of the way to ensure it’s exactly what you envisioned. Then our expert crafters make your custom pieces and play equipment with thoughtfulness and precision. Finally, we install it into your space. This is our favorite step, because you get to finally see your dream come to life.



Here are some examples of themes we’ve done in the past to give you a better idea of what we mean:

Fusion Clubhouse design with surf theme

Surfside design for Fusion Clubhouse

YMCA Bayview indoor play structure

Jungle Adventure for YMCA Bayview

Beale Air Force Base indoor play structure

Ready for Takeoff at Beale Air Force Base

YMCA Norwich indoor play structure

Color Blocking for YMCA Norwich


Since 2004 we have completed over 800 projects and counting.

We are the experts when it comes to theming recreation centers, as well as church children’s ministries, pediatric dentist offices, family entertainment centers, and retail centers.

We have experts to lead you from the very first concept conversation through to the final product.  We love the creative process of working with you through the development of concepts, characters, elements, and stories.


LET’S GET THEMING! Contact us to get more information or to request a quote.

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