We know Easter is an important time for your church. Because of increased attendance, you have an opportunity to reach new families. If you’ve been thinking of redesigning  your Children’s Ministry space, Easter is the perfect time to showcase your new makeover. We want to help you make sure your Children’s Ministry space shines when the visitors arrive! 

Why is a Children’s Ministry environment important? 

Family Outreach: When you reach the kids, you reach the whole family. When children are excited about going to church, families will attend. The children will want to bring their friends and, in turn, their friends will bring their families. Therefore, creating a wonderful, inviting children’s area provides opportunity for church outreach. 

Volunteer Excitement: While working with churches, our clients have noticed an increase in volunteerism and volunteer morale. By offering an exciting environment that everyone wants to be a part of, more people will start volunteering to help in the Children’s Ministry. 

Play Space: Offering a safe place for kids to play is a great way to stay connected with your community throughout the week and increase attendance at your church. By having an indoor playground, your church can become the go-to place for families in your community. And don’t worry, we have solutions for small spaces too. Portable play elements and climbing walls are great choices for small rooms or multi-purpose rooms. 

Easter Install

We know you have new visitors during the Easter season, and that provides a wonderful opportunity to reach more families. If you’re ready to redesign your Children’s Ministry to reflect your church’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and would like that done by Easter, we need to talk now. Give us a call or fill out our form here to get started. 

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