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Part of being a good consultant is asking the hard questions. So, today we’re going to challenge you with some thoughts.

Is your children’s space underwhelming to you? To the kids? To the parents? 

Does it drain the energy from your volunteers?

Are parents hesitant to leave their children in class?

Is your Children’s Ministry on the decline?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for a change. Your space should scream “We love kids and families!” Here are several reasons why the children’s area should be a top priority in your church. 

Church Growth

Families with children attend more regularly when there is an exciting Children’s Ministry space for their kids. If the parents know their kids are a priority for the church, they will feel more comfortable bringing them to class and attending service themselves. This leads to tithing on a more regular basis as well.

Additionally, by offering an inviting space for children and families, you create opportunities to open your doors and reach your community during the week through programs such as preschool, book readings, and Mother’s-Day-Out programs. Plus, if the kids are excited about going to church, they will ask if they can bring a friend. There’s a good chance the friend will bring his or her parents the next weekend. What better way to reach your community than to have families inviting other families to church? 

Volunteer Excitement

Volunteers are vital to the health of your Children’s Ministry, but sometimes it’s hard to recruit volunteers, and even harder to make sure they want to come back. There’s good news, though. Mediocre or poor volunteer morale will turn around when the volunteers feel more engaged with the ministry. If your atmosphere is active and engaging, volunteer excitement will increase. A well-designed space will leave your volunteers feeling encouraged, organized, and importantly, wanting to come back. 

Reduced Parental Concern

What does your space say to guests? Parents, especially first time visitors, are mentally going through a list of questions when they walk into your children’s space. “Where do I go?” “Are my kids in a secure, safe area?” “Are my kids going to like it here?” “How do I sign them in?” A well-designed space will answer all of these questions without you having to say a word. Alleviate their anxiety as soon as they walk into the door by letting your atmosphere do the talking. Your space should say: 

1. The kids are going to love it here. Our church loves kids enough to invest in them and make them a priority. 

2. Check-in is simple and classrooms are easy to find. We have signs pointing you in the right direction, and because of the well-planned interior design, traffic flows well through our space. 

 Are you ready to redesign your kids’ space? Get started here

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