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3 Keys to Reaching Families

Over the years, we've seen and worked with many of today's fastest growing churches. In every case, they have two main characteristics in common: they're passionate about their unique mission and they're reaching more families by focusing on kids. Reaching families is a foundational part of why we work hard to create ridiculously cool and fun environments. We've seen incredible growth from these churches. In every instance, there are 3 common and consistent keys we've seen from these churches and we've shared them here to help your church become more efficient!

1. Make Kids a Priority

Make it obvious to families which areas are made for the kids! From fun signage to grand entrances, the key is to make the statement that kids are not just welcome and safe, they're invited to belong!.

2. Create a Destination for Kids

When kids areas have distinct style and flair, the kids will take ownership of their space. This not only makes it a destination they want to come to, they'll want to bring their friends, too.

3. Be a Third Place for Your Community

We met with a church pastor who told us they were so involved with their community and had opened doors every day for moms, business people and groups to come and use their facility. He said "if we can't pay to keep these doors open, we're pretty sure our community would pay to keep us open!" Part of what makes this church and others like it so vital to their community is opening up their space for people to come and meet, work or relax. With open seating, lots of space, and Wi-Fi, churches can become a natural Third Place for families to meet. From soft contained climbing play to immersive games for older kids, creating environments that are built and themed to fit each age group is a great way to make your church a third place.

Since 2004, we have been using play and theme together to tell stories better than anyone in the world. The truth is, we are all still kids at heart! See some of our projects below!

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