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Worlds of Wow Denton, TX

In February 2016 Wow moved to a new 21,000 sq. ft. studio and production facility, located in Denton, Texas. All aspects of fabrication, design and sales are now under one roof. If you are visiting the DFW area, contact Wow for a tour!

Worlds of Wow is ‘green’ and enviro-friendly! It’s not just our predisposition for the color green; we’re literally going green with our environmentally-friendly changes and improvements. Here’s a fun take on describing the steps Worlds of Wow is making to go green.

Paperless Office: It seems the Internet may be the greatest single greatest tree-saving invention. With all of the electronic communication, project management and file sharing, we’ve gone almost 100% paperless. As a result, our office paper shredder is getting lonely.

Materials: We’re using recycled products in our manufacturing shops and changing to materials that are eco-friendly. The polystyrene we use for 3D sculpts doesn’t include Ozone CFC’s and HCFC’s. The medium density fiber board we use is phase 2 carb compliant and 100% recovered and recycled materials.

Paint: Even our paint is becoming eco-friendly, as we’ve switched all of our primers, airbrush paints and top coat paints to a water-borne acrylic paint and clear coat. We are proud to have implemented these initial steps to provide the same high-quality, huge wow-factor environments with a bit more “earth friendly” spin!

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