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Add Wow! to your Children's and Youth Ministry!

Churches across the country have proved that one of the best ways to minister to families and adults is through their children. These churches are building children's ministries that create a buzz, and cause a "Wow!" For both newly constructed and remodeled churches, we have seen space dedicated to children's areas increase dramatically over the past several years. Simply said,a visible investment in your children's ministry sends a tangible message to your community that you care about kids and families. Through our creative process, Wow! partners with you through conversation, story-telling, character development and animated renderings to aid in a story line that captures your vision, passion, and emotion. Creating interactive art-worthy elements that incorporate interactive play, realism, and occasionally whimsical fun, is where Wow! lives everyday! No matter what vision you have for your space, Worlds of Wow! has the experience, talent and (let’s be honest) the guts to turn your dream into a fantastic reality!

Aside from our years of experience with theme and play, we are the only company that provides theming and play together under one roof. We are your one-stop-shop!

Why does that matter? Two really big reasons – budget and continuity. One company, one design team working together to maximize your dollars to achieve maximum impact with your theming and indoor play.

Featured Installations

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